animation of my mood while travelling by train

.contact / Studio Breuch

I’d like to work with you!


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Showreel (2015) and idea presentation for my final exam


when nobody’s looking…




logo design


childrenbook, written and illustrated (selected pages)


several shirt designs


opener for an online tv-show



design of passport, flag and bankcard of a fictional state

.this feelin’

music video

.vijf weken in een luchtballon

My contribution to the stArt Award. Illustrations about the adventures of Jules Verne.

.ugh! so much snot

animated allergy season

.imperpfektion quartett

An illustrated and hand printed quartett game that displays imperfections in a humorous way.


illustrative poster designs

.the unforgetable

fictional product advertisment (please contact me if you invent an actual working product like this!)

.if beds get tired

animation of a sleepy bed, it deserves it.